Andrew Adams

Sensei Andrew Adams worked as a patrol officer for the Fairbanks Police Department since 2004, until being promoted to detective in 2018. Sensei Adams holds an advanced law enforcement certificate from the Alaska Police Standards Council. He is an Adjunct Instructor with the University of Alaska Fairbanks Law Enforcement Academy and Fairbanks Police Department instructor teaching firearms, control tactics, Taser®, pepper spray, and baton. Sensei Adams is also a hostage negotiator with the Fairbanks Police Department SWAT team. 
Sensei Adams began martial arts training in 2006. He holds the rank of Sondan in Hojutsu under Soke Jeff Hall, Nidan in Tiaho Jitsu under Steve Jimerfield, Shodon in Iaido under Professor Mike Abels, Nidan in Hakko-Ryu Jiu-Jitsu along with a Shodon in Aikido and Shudo Kan Karate under Hanshi Charles Scott.
Sensei Adams is also a certified gunsmith, Glock Advanced Armorer, as well as an armorer onthe 1911, AR-15, Remington 870, and Remington 700. He currently owns 49th State Armory LLC, a federal firearms licensed retail business specializing in AR-15 builds and accessories.