Scott Denning

Scott Denning is a former Sergeant from a Sheriffs Office in Idaho with 26 years
of experience.  He is a certified law enforcement instructor in Defensive
Tactics, SWAT, firearms, ground fighting and impact tools.  He is also a
certified military instructor in Combatives and firearms.  Denning is a
retired combat veteran with tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Denning served
as a US Marine Scout Sniper and LE Sniper.  Denning was also a site manager
in charge of security at the US embassy in Iraq and a WPPS PSD team member
for Triple Canopy.  Denning is a NRA LE Tactical Shooting Instructor for
rifle, pistol and shotgun.  Denning has over 30 years experience in martial
arts and holds a 3rd Dan in Taekwon-do, 1st Dan in Pangai-Ryu karate,
Hojutsu and a Brown belt in Kodenkan Jujutsu.

I first began my journey into Hojutsu in 2006.  After meeting Soke Hall I
was impressed with his depth of professionalism and understanding of
firearms and lethal force engagements.  Soke Halls lessons and instructions
through Hojutsu made me a much better shooter and instructor.  I used his
lessons in Iraq and Afghanistan and firmly believe they helped me survive
numerous engagements with the enemy.  I have furthered his teachings to my
own students and have taught Hojutsu to several Special Forces operators in
preparing for high level shooting classes and deployments into hostile
areas.  Both of them told me that Hojutsu helped them to excel in their
further training and in combat.  I firmly believe in the lessons of Hojutsu
for everyone interested in carrying a firearm for day to day self defense
and the defense of others.