Soke-Dai Rod Kuratomi


Kuratomi has been an instructor for 10th Dan Grand Master Soke Tak Kubota since 1981. He is a 7th degree black belt in Gosoku Ryu karate and has the title of Kyoshi and So-Shihan Dai, which makes him Master Kubota's successor. He is also a plank owner and Soke Dai of Hojutsu with a rank of 4th dan. He has a 4th dan in kobudo (traditional weapons), a 1st dan in Kubojitsu, and is a certified Kubotan, NRA, and DOJ instructor. Kuratomi was International Grand Champion of both heavyweight sparring and weapons forms at the IKA 2000 World Cup Tournament. He has distinguished graduate rankings from Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in the use of the handgun, rifle, and shotgun.



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